AMON AMARTH teases something with a mystery card

Amon Amarth updated all of its social media channels yesterday with a new logo and the hashtag #TGHA. Fans began to speculate what the acronym stood for, with most album titles guessing from genre The gods have arrived, The great room awaits you, The Great Heathen Army, and more. Which is a logical conclusion to come given Amon Amarth released a new single called “Put Your Back Into The Oar” earlier this year and mentioned that fans should “enjoy the song and the video as we continue to work on a new album”.

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Then came another interesting article today that added a twist to things. Amon Amarth published a map of what appears to be York in North Yorkshire, England (zoom in and you’ll see Paragon Street). A quick search of York reveals that the city was captured by a Viking army, led by Ivar the Boneless and half danin the year 866. The town was renamed Jórvík and was the capital of Viking territory in Britain until 954, when it was taken over by King Eadred. It should also be noted that the last Viking ruler of Jórvík was named Eric Bloodaxe (possibly referenced below with the red axe), which is incredibly metallic.

Anyway, new Amon Amarth could happen and you should be thrilled.

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